OccupyUSANew.Com Goes “Responsive”

Website Goes Mobile-Friendly As Occupy USA Organizes

Occupiers “Spoke” Up So OccupyUSANews Adds Mobile Responsive Technology

Like many, this site has been hibernating over the winter. Those cave-dwelling days are over as it is clear more news can only help keep people informed on how Occupy USA (and the World) will make a difference. The need for a new, peaceful revolution directed in balancing the needs of the many over the desires of the 1% has never been more critical. As a Citizen of Earth and the United States, I am absolutely convinced that the 1% group would have all those that don’t service their needs, shoved in what amounts to mass graves if they had their way. No, I don’t think they would murder us, but in some parts of the world, that is exactly what is happening. What I am convinced of is that the 1% is out for everything that anybody has and they are willing to do whatever to get it.

What does that have to do with this site going mobile-friendly through Responsive technology? Everything because the only defense we have is information and numbers. I want to help when it comes to sharing information. I’d like to dream again and the only way to even begin to dream is to defend the ones we have.

Also, any webmaster of a Occupy website that want to go mobile-friendly is invited to contact me to see if the easy to install technology I am using can be applied to their blog website. This Responsive technology on this WordPress site is an easy and inexpensive update.

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