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Reports are surfacing of concerted organized efforts to suppress the Occupy Wall Street Movement. It is unlikely that the recent reports reveal the entirety of the campaigns being waged against the peaceful protesters behind the scenes. The memo by Clark, Lytle, Geduldig, Cranford, shows that there is high level energy looking to actively sabotage the movement rebelling against bad fiscal and apparently sometimes criminal behavior on Wall Street that has been a major factor in crashing the world economy.

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NYPD Apparently Taking Lessons, Not Learning From History – The “Bull Conner Book”

New York Police Honor The Tradition of Eugene “Bull” Conner

As a Citizen who happens to be Black and who is old enough to remember the Civil Rights Movement, what is happening to protesters in cities across the country is starting to raise my level of disgust. In particular, the NYPD, is doing more to honor the criminal actions of those who resisted Citizens who were tired of what amounted to Apartheid in the United States. Of course we didn’t call it that back then. It had other names, “separate but equal”, “Jim Crow”, or as the KKK would say, “Nxxxxx be glad we didn’t hang you, so get back to the back”. Continue reading

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Bank Of America Closes LA Park For Police…

Bank of America Plaza closed and then police arrest “trespassers”
Bank of America, the owner of the property referred to as a park otherwise known as “Bank of America Center” is no friend of Occupy Wall Street therefore it offers no surprise that they closed the “park” so that police had a mission at today’s protest. As the LA Times has reported, the “owner” of the park told police it was closing the area and therefore everyone was trespassing. Continue reading

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